Is FastFoto Tagger safe to use?

I am on PS 1.1.0 for Windows and would like to start sorting the photos I loaded. Is FastFoto Tagger safe to use with PS 1.1.0? Do you recommend any settings or suggestions for using this tool? After using FastFoto Tagger, do I need to manually re-sync PS, or is re-syncing automatic with PS?

Do you have a link to that software? There are several with names similar to that. (Remember to scan it first!)

PhotoStructure should pick up any metadata changes either made directly to a file or added to any of these sidecar types:

  • .XMP (Adobe)
  • .MIE (ExifTool)
  • .EXIF/.EXV (Exiv2)
  • .json (Google Takeout)

The sync process will pick these changes up if

  1. You visit the asset in the web UI with the “info” panel open
  2. You run “sync this asset” in the asset menu
  3. You run sync via the nav menu
  4. sync finds the change (it looks every syncChangedIntervalMs period, which defaults to 7 days to reduce wear on your disks).

If you find that PhotoStructure isn’t picking up changes, please send me an example edited file, along with what you expected PhotoStructure to pick up. I’ll look into it!


I checked the FastFoto Tagger 4.0 Zip file at no issues were raised. I downloaded the file from FastPhotoTagger (

I am looking to make many new tags for many assets, so I think what you are saying in the sync process Option #4 is that PS will automatically pick up my asset tag changes in 7 days by default. Else, I can force a sync Option #3 which will evaluate every asset in the library. Correct?

That is correct.