Is it possible to reference a single photo on another site?

Since I’m using Lightroom to manage my catalog of photos, I tag and publish the ones that I want to be moved into the Photostructure system into the library folder that Photostructure is watching.

When I’m blogging in my Wordpress journal (or MkDocs / Jekyll, etc.) sometimes I want to link to a given photo without unnecessary duplication rather than uploading the photo again to Wordpress.

Is there a way to embed a single photo on a site, or use the tag in HTML to pull that image into that other site?

Doing this would require your photos to be publicly accessible to the internet without authentication. In it’s current state, Photostructure is not intended to be exposed directly to the internet. Some folks do it, however, using a reverse proxy with a login.

Keep in mind that if you DO somehow find a way to use Photostructure to serve publicly accessible photos, you should take care to scrub the metadata from those photos, as there’s a lot of information in those pictures that can help strangers on the internet find you.

Once @mrm has built out authentication, I’m sure it would be possible to build in a feature to publicly share particular images. However, I still think it’s not a great idea, because now your website will require Photostructure to be running in order to display properly. If you ever move away from Photostructure, you’ll need to update all of those photos on your blog.

Just some thoughts!

As @tkohhh indicated: bad idea today.

Even if the only pictures you post in photostructure are images you intend to be available to the public (i.e. you have no privacy concerns), there are all kinds of functionality that you can’t disable and you don’t want to expose to the public, such as “shutdown server”, “settings”, “rebuild”, etc.

IF in spite of all of that, you still want to do this, (unofficially) it’s certainly possible today. Every picture in the library is assigned a unique asset id and the URL for that picture is therefore unique. It will look something like this: https://your.server.address:port/img/xxxx/actual (where xxxx is an asset id, and “actual” is for the original - there are URLs you can discover for various thumbnail sizes too). With some fancy firewall/reverse proxy rules that only allow a certain URL patterns you could conceivably make that secure enough.

Officially, you probably should open a feature request, and/or vote on the one that should allow for this (depending on how it’s implemented):

I really like this idea, given it was done securely!

I currently either use Tailscale or a authed reverse proxy to access our family library, but once auth is added, a share button could be added for a given asset which would link to a URL that contains the asset id, size to render to, and an access token.

I’ve changed this post to be a feature request and voted for it. Thanks for posting!