Is there a way to just look at the pictures you have currently searched via the search functionality?

Is there any way to use the search function to view only the images you are looking for? Whenever I search for images and try to view the images displayed (double click on the first image), I automatically jump not to the next image found, but to a completely different image that doesn’t fit.

I only want to see the images I searched for in large size (when double clicking).

E.g. when searching for a person, etc.

I believe this is the same issue described in this feature request: Tag-context browsing

@mrm can correct me if I’m wrong, but the answer to your question is “not yet, but it’s definitely planned.”

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ah that makes sense, ty for the answer. I didnt know what to look for :slight_smile: Hopefully it will be added down the line in the future.

Yup! @tkohhh is correct. I agree, it’s terrible. I added the router side code and need to add server side result caching.