Issue with "Migrating the models db failed"


I already checked your software a few month ago and decided to wait for a newer version :slight_smile: So I just tried the “2023.12.0-alpha.6” release on Windows 10 :slight_smile:
I already uninstalled the old version some time ago and wanted to start over. Unfortunately I´m hitting the following error all the time:

Migrating the models db failed: {"stmt":"CREATE TABLE \"AssetRevision\" ( -- Any change made to an Asset through the PhotoStructure UI creates an \"AssetRevision\" which can then be merged with any external changes made to files or sidecars. id INTEGER NOT NULL PRIMARY KEY, assetId INTEGER NOT NULL, createdAt BIGINT NOT NULL, field V…40257","name":"SqliteError","code":"SQLITE_ERROR"},"fatal":true}

I already tried to uninstall photostructure and delete Local/Photostructure, Roaming/Photostructure and Pictures/.photostructure and tried to reinstall it and use a fresh Libary-Folder… but I´m still hitting this issue. Most likely I missed something to delete… but what ?

Thank you for your support.

Welcome to PhotoStructure, @FrankL ! Sorry for the glitch.

I just released a new version of PhotoStructure that addresses this issue:

I’m getting this too even with alpha.7:

Version 2023.12.0-alpha.7

Unrecoverable: Migrating the models db failed: {“stmt”:“CREATE TABLE Progress_new ( id INTEGER NOT NULL PRIMARY KEY, uri TEXT NOT NULL, hostname TEXT NOT NULL, pid INTEGER NOT NULL, volume TEXT NOT NULL, state TEXT, hed TEXT, dekJSON TEXT, completePct INTEGER, incompletePct INTEGER, scanningPct INTEGER, createdAt INTEGER NOT NULL, updatedAt INTEGER…42623”,“name”:“SqliteError”,“code”:“SQLITE_ERROR”},“fatal”:true}

Live db is /ps/library/.photostructure/models/db.sqlite3

Local replica mode is false

@mrm just making sure you saw this update, it might have gotten lost.

Thanks for the ping! I’ve reproduced this issue locally, and resolved the error in the next release.

Thanks for the assist!

Is it safe to downgrade to an earlier alpha, or should I just wait for the next release? I just tried upgrading from a 2023.09 prealpha to 2023.12.0-alpha.7 and got the same Progress_new SQLite error.

I decided to wait for the next release, but if it’s going to be a while maybe I should try to revert - my installation has been inoperable for a while now. Any forecast for when the next alpha might emerge?

I have to fix 3 integration test suites and then I can do a release. If you hop into the discord I give roughly daily updates.