Issues with rebuilding

Screen Shot 2021-09-25 at 2.06.23 PM

I updated yesterday to v1.1.0 and PS was rebuilding overnight. Now, PS says it’s “processing”-this has been for 8 hours. Then these two alerts popped up at different times:

I’m not sure what/whereiMac.lan is-there isn’t another computer running PS.

Welcome to the forum, @cwarnercarey ! Sorry you had those hiccups!

The “opened” errors can be caused by macOS sometimes changing hostname values (due to powernap getting confused and thinking there’s another Mac on your LAN with the same hostname, when really it’s just seeing itself). I’ll disable opened-by checks in the next build if the library is on a local disk.

The other other I’ve had reported, but haven’t been able to reproduce on my own Mac yet. I’ll see if I can debug it with the info that I’ve got already.

So: sorry for the hassle, and I hope that the next build will resolve both these issues for you!


Hi @cwarnercarey , I’ve just released v2.0.0-beta.1, which may address this issue for you: