Just tried PhotoStructure on Mac OS X and ran into some issues

Hello! Tonight, I installed the current 1.1.0 version of PhotoStructure (desktop app for Mac OS X, I’m on OS 12.5.1) and tried to set it up on a test batch of photos (124 photos) residing on an external HDD.

First, I ran into a problem where the initial scanning didn’t go anywhere, but I eventually discovered that it was because I’d left the second location option blank in the Settings (there was no other option; I didn’t want to have my files reorganized, and I didn’t have a second folder I wanted to have scanned). I guess the app was stuck looking for the blank location (?)…So I entered the same path as my test library, and after a restart, it worked.

Secondly, after the scanning, it turns out that only 113/124 photos imported. I had to search through the photos manually to see which ones did not get imported, but in the end I could not tell why it happened. The filenames were fine (I use a “YEAR-MO-DY IMG_1234.jpg” naming system) and the filetypes—all jpg—should have been fine. I tried to resync but the app didn’t really give me any feedback. After I restarted the app again, it added a few more photos that had been missing, but still there remained a handful of others missing.

I’m not sure PhotoStructure will work for me at this time—in particular, I need to be able to annotate photos with a paragraph or two—but I really did love the overall look and feel of the app, and where it seems to be headed. I will definitely keep an eye out for its progression. Thanks!

(Oh, one more thing—it would be cool if the app would remember the window size and location. I would resize and move it, and it would always spring back to the default setting when relaunched.)

Howdy, and welcome to PhotoStructure, @fivezero_ca !

Thanks for taking the time to share your feedback.

I’m not quite sure I understand what happened here: did you include a directory with photos and videos as your library directory?

If so, it should be fine to keep the “Where else are your photos and videos?” empty–PhotoStructure will always scan your “library” directory.

Apologies–this sort of lack of transparency is why I added sync reports to the next version of PhotoStructure. If you’re using the PhotoStructure for Node edition, you can try this on macOS, but due to new macOS code signing issues, the macOS desktop edition isn’t currently available.

Neat. Have you done this to any images already? If so, I’m assuming those long-form descriptions are stored in a sidecar, or at least in an EXIF header, correct? Do you know what tag your software is writing to (like XMP::Description, or EXIF::ImageDescription)?

Ah, this bothered me too. I just added it to the next build :+1: