Keyword search issue with overlapping keywords

If I have two keywords: “John” and “John Doe”. When I search for John I get both. I can just get “John Doe” by searching for kw:“John Doe”, but I can’t seem to just find the matches for the “John” keyword. I think maybe ps is indexing the words within a single keyword. I haven’t seen another program work with keywords this way, but is there a way to an exact match search for just “John”?


docker on debian 11

|Edition|PhotoStructure for Servers|

An “exact match” term should work:

Holler if it doesn’t, I’ll get it fixed.

Ok so the good news is that kw:= does seem to work.

The bad news is now that I have a smaller list of photos I can see I’m also getting back some random pics that do not have the kw on them at all. So I searched for “kw:=don” and in the search result list I have some photos with no keyword that are equal to don or even contain don.

Oops, that’s not quite right either. With kw:don I get 321 matches. With kw:=don I get 179 matches. In the 179 i have a bunch of photos that actually have the keyword “mendon”. Mendon was part of a path’d keyword if that matters. I’d guess the path splitting code is not supporting exact match correctly.


Oof, that’s no good. Although I do have unigram and bigram keyword search tests, I’m sure there are edge cases I’m missing. Could you send me either an example file with metadata, or just the output from exiftool, so I can try to reproduce this in my side?

Also, I’m about to be away from my desk for about a week, but I’ll get back to this then. Apologies for the delay in advance.