Large videos missing

I have filmed a few large videos on my phone, and they do not get added to Photostructure.
What else is not added?

Is there a log of skipped files?

Check this PhotoStructure | Why didn't my file get imported into my Library?

By default maximum file size is 500mb? You may change it settings.toml file.

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Welcome to PhotoStructure, @Cirion ! Thanks for the assist, @iamphotocat !

Yes – if you pull in a v2022 or v2023 build, you’ll have access to a “sync report”, which is a CSV that describes what PhotoStructure’s sync process did (or didn’t) do to every file it found, and why.

That seems to be the problem, as the file is 865,4MB.

I did find my settings.toml file, but nowhere to change the 500MB value.
I did a search for 500, 500MB, size, maxAssetFileSizeBytes +++ but nothing.

I would prefere to have unlimited size.

Did I understand you correctly, that you have removed the sync reports and I have to install a older version of PhotoStructure to get it?

I can find no csv files or sync report files/folders on my Unraid folder for the PhotoStructure docker.

There are two files, system settings and library settings. Variables you need are in library settings.

I only have settings.toml. I can not find any files called library.

Just upgraded to the :alpha build…
No difference.

Found the second settings.toml it’s in the library folder (not in my appdata).

Oh well, this did not work at all, not able to sync now.
Deleted the library (not photos) just the .files&folders.

Starting a fresh alpha

Starting fresh worked, at least database it no longer corrupt.
Changing the settings.toml in the new library to 5TB seems to work fine.

I started off with my DJI drone originals, and while it took 2 days it did finally get imported :slight_smile:
I’m cleaning up the library from duplicates with Czkawka, then I’ll try importing the rest.