Library loading progress indicator

I have created my first larger library with about 200K assets. When I first start Photostructure, sometimes it times out after 35 seconds, other times it seems to ‘hang’ on the loading page for minutes, and other times it loads in about 15 seconds.

One request would be to add a progress bar or % loaded when loading the library to give users confidence that Photostructure is not stuck and provide some visual feedback on how far along it is.


Great idea, I’ll think about how to make this happen!

I’ll make the startup timeout time a setting now, that’s a one-liner for me.

As far as your slow startup: I’ve got a library tracking several hundred thousand assets, and it starts up in a couple seconds. There are a couple things that could be happening:

  1. Your library is on a remote filesystem, and it’s taking a while to copy over there a local replica

  2. Volume scanning is getting stuck due to an unhealthy or spun-down volume

  3. Something else that I haven’t seen before

Do you want to set logging to “debug”, start PhotoStructure, (hopefully catch a launch timeout), stop it, and send me your logs?

Thanks again for the idea!

I have a similar issue, photostructure seems to crash on startup some times. I’ve tried to track it down in the logs and in my case it seems that its my network mapped drives that sometimes causes “Get-PSDrive” take really long time to complete and photostructure report a timeout. The network drives are not used by photostructure in any way (either library or photo source). However, they are high latency and kind of unreliable. If I disconnect the network drives it seems to always work.

FYI i run the Windows version. Would it be possible to allow a longer timeout value for this powershell command?

(Get-PSDrive seems to do some kind of validation of all results returned which causes it to take quite long to complete for network drives which is kind of bad design by powershell. It should be possible to list the drives regardless of connectivity status. But that is not photostrucutres problem though :slight_smile:. Another option would be to query available drives with some other method than powershell, CIM or some other windows API maybe)

Sorry this is being flaky for you! The setupTimeoutMs system setting defaults to 35 seconds. That may not be enough time for PowerShell to finish running. Changing this value to 1 minute (60000) may make startups more reliable.

Ah! Thank you, i’ll try that.