Library setup failed (currentLibraryLockOwner timeout)


I’ve gotten the following error twice when first setting up my library. Is there a config parameter that I can adjust to increase the timeout value? BTW I’m writing to an external drive, thanks!

ChildService(wb).onStdout().ChildService(web).onStdout()web setup failed: Timeout currentlibraryLockOwner after 25004ms: Library setup failed.

There is: commandTimeoutMs. It defaults to 25 seconds (which you can see in your timeout error).

It’s a system setting, or you can set the PS_COMMAND_TIMEOUT_MS environment variable.

Probably bumping this up to a minute (60000) should be sufficient, but if it’s still giving you attitude and you’re the only one opening your library, you can disable the open lock completely with the library setting skipLibraryOpenLocks=true (or the environment variable PS_SKIP_LIBRARY_OPEN_LOCKS).

Is the drive very slow to wake up? My old external drive takes ~15 seconds to spin up when it’s asleep, so I was hoping that 25 seconds was safely pessimistic. Oops.

If this doesn’t fix this issue, please tell me!

Changing the timeout value worked, thanks!