List Navigation for Categories

Some navigation categories such as folders can have a lot of options. Currently how photostructure works is to have the category and then have a group of random photos (which is nice), however sometimes it is nice to have just a list view without the photos shown to be able to drill down to a specific category quickly. For example if I have many folders like 30 or 40 folders and I want to view a specific folder it can take a while to scroll down to the specific folder and I don’t really care about the other photos.

That said I don’t have any suggestions on a ui element to swap between the different views, just that it might be a nice feature to have for navigation.


I was discussing this with someone just a couple days ago: that you navigate into a tag with greater than, say, 15 or so tags, PhotoStructure switches from “one row per child with a header bar” mode to “1 random child asset with a child tag name as a header” mode.

It’d probably be good to have a toggle for this mode…

image for the current mode, and

image for this new mode?