LOVE random shuffle

I just have to say I absolutely love the random shuffle feature… I’ve rediscovered so many photos. I think I am driving my wife nuts because I keep saying “look at this one!” when she is reading a book :slight_smile:



I used to do testing and development on my main large library, but I’d find I’d lose an hour or more a day strolling down memory lane, browsing old photos.

I have to do daily development with a much smaller library (and only switch to the big one to verify performance is still reasonable) :sweat_smile:

This is going to be an unintentionally daft question, but what is the random shuffle feature? It feels like something I would absolutely love!

On the homepage of photostructure, everytime you open it, or press the photostructure logo, it shows you a different set of images.

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Yeah the randomness is what draws me in.

It takes you on a wonderful journey but as soon as you hit a leaf it’s no longer random but sorted. I’d love it if the randomness were there too.

I described the feature here:

And in case you missed it, I described why I added the feature in this post (it’s one of the first posts on the site!)

Thanks - I knew about this, just hadn’t ascribed this name to it. Tangentially, I would love a random page; that is something that would give me one whole page of random photos, not weighted by year or whatever.

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