MacOS videos not showing thumbnails

Hi, I use the server version (node) and videos thumbnails are not visible

Howdy, happy holidays!

If you visit the about page, it should tell you if PhotoStructure has video support: I’d recommend installing ffmpeg over vlc.

I’d suggest switching to the alpha branch, too.

Once ffmpeg is installed, you’ll need to force resync the directory with the videos, either via the web ui, or by using sync --force.

Happy Holidays, and thanks for the response.

I followed all the instructions for MacOS, ffmpeg has been installed and yet no thumbnails have yet appeared. The about page shows ffmpeg 5.1.2 installed

PhotoStructure has a ton of file filter patterns and heuristics to prevent unwanted photos and videos from being imported into your library. You may be fighting with one of those filters.

There are a couple ways to debug this.

  1. Use ./photostructure sync --force --debug /path/to/video.mp4 and look for a log entry that explains why it’s skipping or failing to process your video.

  2. switch to the alpha branch, which includes “sync reports”, and run the above command, and instead of scrutinizing many screenfuls of log messages, just open the report and see the reason.

Here are a couple relevant pages: