Make PhotoStructure logos more available?

Could PhotoStructure share their images somewhere?

Many sites have a Brand(ing), Press, Media, Logos, Assets, Marketing, or About section that includes high-quality images (often SVG, but not necessarily) for use in press, marketing, icon packs, and so on. For example see Press Kit - Zenkit

I found from your main site footer, but would prefer getting your colored cloud image. I did not see anything more at PhotoStructure | About

Forgot where/how I got it… That’s what I use as an icon on my internal portal.
Point taken though, and I agree - @mrm please provide some icons/logos officially :slight_smile:


Will do!

Until then, here’s a circle

And the plain logo

And some more


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Awesome! I’d also be curious if you have guidelines on when to use color-on-white, versus white-on-color. It does not appear that you do, but I’m not a graphic designer so perhaps I’m missing something obvious :slight_smile:

I don’t have a branding guide, but if the background is busy, colorful, or dark, the white logo is good:

If the background is white or light colored, the cyan to magenta gradient works:

Is this what you were asking?

Yeah that’s the type of guidelines. But they’re incomplete, or you’ve been inconsistent since you probably haven’t thought about it much.

In various places I see the logo in black, white, and rainbow. In various places I see the logo on black, white, rainbow, and photograph backgrounds. I even see rainbow-on-rainbow on the homepage.

I won’t be putting the logo on any particular background, it’ll just be standalone. Like an app icon, profile pic, or article header.

It looks like you are currently using white-on-rainbow for Github, Reddit, and Discord, and black-on-white for Twitter.

I suspect you’d prefer people to use white-on-rainbow as the default icon style?

Those guys crop avatars (and sometimes inconsistently for different uses): I had to add substantial padding to avoid them clipping the logoform when they make the avatar a circle. At that point the logo is microscopic, and the gradient is at least a suggestion of PhotoStructure’s branding (it’s certainly not unique, but it’s in the banner of the product), so that’s why I went with gradient background with white logoform.

I think whatever fits the surroundings and makes them happy. Taste is subjective!

For example: macOS menu bars (used to be exclusively, and are now normally ) monochrome, but when switched to dark mode, the dark PhotoStructure menubar icon switches to a white icon.

Windows start bar icons regularly have color, so I use the gradient variant (which is sufficiently contrasty on both light and dark modes).

If you find a case that you think needs improvement, (like the homepage: I reversed the gradient on the background, fwiw, to maintain contrast), I’m all ears: the last time I made a paycheck as a “designer” was in college.

You do realize Photostructure is a one-man shop, right? Branding guides are great, but they aren’t free. Personally, I’d much rather see @mrm focus on the software rather than dealing with the intricacies of branding and logo guidelines. Perhaps when he’s making enough money to hire a marketing director, they can tackle that issue.

That said, this is a good template for a logo usage guide: What are logo usage guidelines (and how to set them)? - 99designs

Is that why it seems like I’m the only one in the office?

Man, that explains a lot!

Thanks for the all the info you two, this has been very helpful!