Make sure you have backups--and verify they work!

My primary workstation got fried yesterday during a blackout (and it was even behind a UPS).

Customer support is going to be less-good until I exhume the box.

Apologies in advance.


Ugh. Sorry. What a hassle. :frowning:

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I’ve lost two boxes in the last month due to failing SSDs (both were samsung 970 evo plus). The bad news is that the motherboard now thinks vga is borked, and I’ve tried two video cards and it’s still dead.

Update: blowing out and reseating the RAM and video card slots got me to POST…

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I also suggest not only ensure you have backups, but also try to recover from those backups. It might be surprising to see that your backup solution is not working as you expected.

I personally have a backup set to my NAS and recently my SSD failed and chkdsk removed half of my files. Then my Synology Drive Client happily synced my local folder with the remote NAS folder and removed bunch of files there. My NAS had version explorer so I was hoping to just revert to the state before the sync but it appeared to be a very long and painful process.

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