Make url parts to work exactly as corresponding search queries

As I was suggesting for When url parts in the other topic

I think any urls like http://localhost:1787/tagName/tagValue/possibly/with/slash/character
should behave equivalently to

For those that can’t url-decode in their head, the %3A is a colon, and the %2F is a forward slash:

@mnaoumov I may be misunderstanding, but I expect the search in alpha.7 should be handling this properly. Does the search result not handle tags with a “!” in them?

If the query term hits the full text search index, I replace all forward slashes with pluses, all asterisks with percent, and escape double-quotes.

Well, as you said in the linked topic http://localhost:1787/When/2021/04 won’t work because of the leading zeros but would work in the search query. So I just think it would be nice to have a consistent predictable behavior

Ah, ok. Is this an issue for tags other than When?

No, I didn’t notice any inconsistency with other urls yet