Masking Keywords

So, there’s the idea of hiding photos with a specific keyword, there’s the idea of applying that same feature at a user level, where keywords can be assigned to a user, and then there’s this idea…

…In Lightroom, often I’ll use a keyword to “send” a photo to a specific published smart-folder. When I publish, it pushes those photos to the network location monitored by PS…along with the keyword that I used to flag the image in the first place.

When I view the details in the PS UI, I see that keyword as part of the metadata.

What if we could create a list of keywords to exclude from the view, but that wouldn’t exclude the actual photo from being seen. Just another level of OCD for you there. ;).

Interesting idea!

I think this is a case where you’d want to remove the keyword only in the presentation layer, because then changes made to this setting wouldn’t require a full library rebuild.

I’ll think about how that could be done. Also: know that you can vote on your own feature requests!

Yes, the presentation layer. That’s exactly what I was looking for in my notes ;).