Migrate all PhotoStructure documentation to a "manual"

As it stands currently, PhotoStructure’s documentation is a bit all over the place.

There are several documentation systems, like docusaurus and mdBook, that would make building a single “manual” not too painful. Docusaurus is a lot more “heavy”, but has a built-in search that seems quite handy. (The search via docsify isn’t very friendly)

So, fine users of PhotoStructure that may have played with technical documentation systems before: do you have a favorite documentation tool? What makes it great?

(If possible, I’d like to use an open source tool).

No idea what tool is best to generate documentation, which I think is your question. As a user of documentation though, one of the best site documentation site I’ve had to use is this Table of Contents - Smile CDR Documentation I can’t say for sure (it doesn’t say) but it feels like a docusaurus site. The ease of bookmarking a section within a page, the page TOC on the right, all those little things make a difference.