Minor display glitch on iPhone

Expected Behavior

Using an iPhone 11 to access a docker instance of PhotoStructure on the local network. The progress bar was visible at the top as an import was running at the time. It should have properly displayed the progress bar.

Current Behavior

The top line Processing about 1 hour remaining… was cut off - it didn’t wrap to fit the screen. Additional lines (“Building preview for…”, etc.) DID wrap correctly.

See screen shot.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Have long running import running on docker
  2. Access from iPhone (or probably smaller screen device) and look at top line


Operating system and version:

unRaid running Docker image

PhotoStructure edition:

PhotoStructure for servers
v. 0.9.1
OS - Alpine Linux v3.11 on x64 (docker)
Node.js 14.15.0
ExifTool 12.06


Thanks for reporting this: I’ll fix it in the next release.