ModelDbJanitor.setup TypeError: Cannot read property 'error' of undefined

During syncing, photostructure crashed and no longer starts ( with docker-compose up -d).

The docker-compose logs are attached. Also I notice current stable release is 1.1.0, which was from 2 years ago. Is a new stable version coming soon?

ps.log (59.6 KB)

Earlier today, I hit this bug during syncing:

which was said to be fixed in v2.0.0-alpha.1. That’s why I am asking whether a new stable is close.

I know this does not answer your question, but my advise: don’t wait for a “stable” release, try the current alpha. My experience is that the current alpha is as stable, if not more so than the “stable” release.

Thanks avdp. I tried the alpha release. It starts fine with existing config and db. I will start a rebuild to get new features.