Most photos videos not showing up

It says 500+ assets, but only about 200 show up, where are the rest?

I restarted sync but it doesn’t seem to change anything. I did a rebuild and it also didn’t change anything.

I chose the option to leave the assets where they are, but there’s only one path.

MacOS Mojave, PS 0.9.1.

@bbpb_ps please take a look for the commands that might help to narrow down your sync issues

Which files in a directory didn’t get imported?

How do I sync a bunch of files manually?

Howdy, @bbpb_ps, welcome to PhotoStructure!

There are a couple reasons why counts might be off:

  1. If you’re running v0.9.1, you might be hitting an asset-tag counting bug that’s fixed in v1.0.0 (which should be released soon).

  2. If you have any duplicate images, library metrics will have different counts for logical assets versus physical files on disk. More details are here:

If you have photos and videos that are missing entirely from your PhotoStructure library, please see this: