Multi language interface/ internationalization support

I’m sure this is not a top priority at this early stage, but do you eventually plan for additional language packs? I don’t necessarily mean the docs nor the online instructions, but the end user web based GUI. It would be nice to allow a user to switch from one language to another on the spot, or at the very least pick a language pack during installation for the viewers who will navigate the interface. I would be more than glad to contribute my bilingualism should you want a hand. There are not too many words or terms in the UI so the translation task would be minimal. Not sure however how complex it is to build this into the final code.

Absolutely: internationalization is something I want to support. There’s extremely rudimentary support that’s a bit improved in v1.0 for date rendering, and there’s a bunch of code that had to be tweaked to support non-latin filenames and tag values, but other than that, it’s sadly lacking in the product.

:+1: that would be wonderful, thanks for your offer!

When I build this, I’ll break out the vue-i18n lookup tables into a new GitHub repo to make it easy to collaborate on.

I don’t expect that I can start the work until after v1.0 is live.

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I may try to help with the French translation, if needed…

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Count me in for italian (mainly for UI).
Also imho the UI should firstly react on browser settings and optionally allow an override in the app settings.

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