New subfolder not scanned automatically

I have photostructure instance pointed to the location where my nexcloud photos all appear. All my phone images are backed up by nextcloud by year/month/IMG… etc.
For the longest time, I thought sync wasn’t working becasue no August photos were showing up. I was only able to resolve this by manually pointing to the folder:

Shouldn’t the automatic setting scoop up my latest images, will I have to manually change the directory scanned to 09?

Expected Behavior

New images be synced

Current Behavior

New images in the folder is not being recognized.


Running on Unraid (linux)

PhotoStructure edition:Unraid/Docker

Howdy @rizzyc , welcome to PhotoStructure!

Are you using the :stable or the :alpha build? If you’re using :alpha, there’s a sync-report directory of CSV files–a new file is emitted for every sync run. You should be able to look for a line for /photos/rizwan that explains why PhotoStructure didn’t walk into any given directory. More details are here:

and here