New Version Coming Soon/Frustrating Issues with Disappearing Images and Asset Not Found Messages

I’m currently running a trial of Plus that expires on the 30th and I really want to subscribe but before I do so I want to ensure the new version fixes the issues I’ve been having with 2.1.0-alpha7. It seems like most of the problems I’ve had with docker related permissions and images not showing up should be better. I really love this software, it’s so much smoother than PhotoPrism but before I pay for a year I want to ensure it is 100% stable on my Unraid box. I’m wondering if the newly announced version is coming before the end of the month so I can test it before my trial runs out? Thanks!

I also keep running into Asset XXXX wasn’t found, usually after an image is imported, then tags are added externally. When I do a sync the image reappears for a second with the new tags and then I get the Asset wasn’t found message and there doesn’t seem to be a way to fix it. I’m hoping someone could tell me what I’m doing wrong. @mrm I’m hoping you can help me!! Thanks!

I don’t think I can help with your specific problem, but I do want to point out that Photostructure is a one-man operation, and currently Matthew is working hard to get the next version released. I suspect he is head-down trying to get the release ready so he can appease the many users that have been patiently waiting for it.

I know that’s frustrating because you just want a little help.

As for your issue, have you looked at the logs at all? You can find them in your photostructure appdata location under library\.photostructure\logs. You may find a clue there as to what’s happening.

Good luck, and be patient! Matthew is very helpful and responsive, and I know that he will chime in when he has a moment!

Thanks so much. I actually got to talking to Matthew over on Discord. He was extremely kind and helpful. He made a suggestion that may actually fix this for me and if not I sent him some sample images so he can try and reproduce. I’m absolutely a customer now and will be subscribing to Plus once my trial ends. Thank you @tkohhh for your help!!

Ugh, I had to reinstall Firefox on my main desktop, and notifications weren’t enabled, so I missed this thread until I just got my email digest. Glad you caught me on Discord–we’ll get to the bottom of this!

Thanks so much! I really appreciate your help. Thank you for being so attentive and for such great customer service.

I decided to move my photos from Dropbox to my Unraid array. I figured it would be easier to troubleshoot that way and better for privacy anyway! I did a resync and am currently doing a rebuild as I changed the docker path binding and that may have confused some things.

The “rebuild” feature doesn’t work in the current alpha. It will actually mess up your database. Your best bet if you really want to rebuild is to delete the .photostructure folder inside your library folder, essentially starting with a fresh (empty) database.

Lol, I learned that the hard way!! I’m in the process of re-importing everything now with a fresh database. I moved my photos from my Dropbox mounted rclone to their own share on Unraid so I’m hoping that may help with some of my issues since my initial use case may have been a little weird.