Newbie here, Issue with syncing photos from our NAS

We have a Synology DS720 and have PhotoStructure running on a drive on our PC. We are trying to capture all the photos on the NAS but PhotoStructure is just stuck in processing. I’ve searched on the forum and didn’t find a solution. Thanks in advanced.

I suspect @mrm is going to want to look at your logs in order to determine what’s going on.

I’m curious if you’ve considered running Photostructure on your Synology rather than on Windows? You should be able to run Photostructure in a docker container directly on the Synology, and access if from any device in your LAN.

I only ask because the Linux/Docker version tends to have fewer issues than the Windows version, owing to some of the intricacies of Windows software.

Just something to think about until Matthew is able to look closer!

Welcome to PhotoStructure, @dblackn !

Getting “stuck” is, unfortunately, pretty easy to happen when you’re trying to do a ton of processing. Windows (and macOS) have a tendency to just not return when you’re asking them to do a lot of different things.

If you’re running v1.1, the only preventative measure I had in place was a coarse per-file timeout. That helped, but there are still cases (as you’ve found) that could cause the sync process to get stuck.

PhotoStructure version 23.8 (which is available as a pre-alpha on linux and docker–my Windows and macOS ports are coming soon) has several additional tricks up it’s sleeve:

  1. Improved large directory handling, with filesystem and dirent caching (so directories with 1,000+ entries can be handled efficiently, even when mounted remotely)

  2. New “sync reports”, that let you see what files were timed out (and what was happening when they timed out)

  3. New health check reports, so you can see if PhotoStructure is having any system metadata issues that can cause things from working smoothly

  4. Automatic import retries on timeout and rejection (which will show up in the sync report, as well)

I’m trying to get this new version available to desktop users as soon as I can!

Thanks for the reply, I’m running it on our Windows PC because we are working on a photo album and we wanted to pull photos from all our sources and have a redundant back up so to speak to catalog the things we were working on. Also our NAS updated and gave us a bad sector message so that is why I chose to do it separate.