Newbie: Is there a SmugMug/Flickr type recipe for setting up PhotoStructure?

Hello and thanks in advance.

It is not clear to me from the docs what the approach should be if I want my macOS photo library to be synced to a server and then those synced photos/videos to be available always (to people I provide access to).

There are other photo “sharing” services where you can sync your local media to some internet host, and others can view your media by visiting that host (if you have given them access). Is this also possible in PhotoStructure? If so, is it just a matter of installing the Desktop app and setting up a server to install the server version on? (and then configuring some sync?)

Welcome to PhotoStructure, @michaelteter !

I haven’t built out secure multi-user sharing in PhotoStructure (but I’m actually currently building it right now, and will be in the next release).

Until I ship that feature, I’m using a “reverse proxy” called Caddy to add https and password-protect the entire library so only my family can view the contents. This setup (and a bunch of alternatives) are written up here:

Feel free to reply here or on discord if you have any questions!

Thanks for the explanation on guest access.

It’s clear to me that I need to setup the server PhotoStructure, but it’s unclear if I need to also setup the desktop version (and do they sync?) or if I use some other method to automatically/periodically get my local media to the server.

If you use server you don’t need desktop. Everything is web-based on server.