No videos are indexed on 1.0.0-beta.9 Server Node

Seems to me I am the only one running 1.0.0-beta.9 and seeing this. I scanned quite large set of photos and videos ~73K assets. Scan completed within a day on decent Ubuntu 20 machine (I chose not to copy to Library). I am browsing through assets and notice no videos of any type/extension were imported from any folders. Checked my PS_ related env vars:


Anyone seeing this?


Yes, I had this too issue too but I cant say if it is the same cause, I drilled through to logs and ffmpeg failed with hwaccl not supported. I run a windows VM so no hardware acceleration is available. I adjusted the new ffmpeg arguments setting to not include the hwaccel parameter and it imported all new videos.

@hanpq Thanks! Let me try to see what’s in logs. Were these set in DEBUG for you? I am on Ubuntu “iron” and hwaccl should be working (I assume).

I also had this issue due to hwaccl being set to auto. Set it to off then no more issue. I know that setting will be defaulted to off in beta.10 which hopefully @mrm releases soon since it’s been cooking for a couple weeks already.

Thanks @avdp.

I stopped PS, plugged export PS_FFMPEG_HWACCEL=“disable” into ~/.profile, logged out, logged back in, started PS and did “Rebuild(slow)”. Watching it working, but no videos has showed up… Do I need to dump the Library, as it sees already video assets marked as “not shown”?


No: the next sync should import the videos. You could run sync-file against a video with debug logging on and that might explain what’s going on:

./photostructure sync-file --verbose /path/to/file

I don’t think “rebuild” is what you want to do here. Restart sync maybe?

It’s a bit confusing that PhotoStructure has both a “rebuild” and a “sync”, but they’re different:

rebuild is “driven” by the current URIs in your library database: it’s to make sure the contents of your library database are correct. This involves regenerating image hashes, re-extracting metadata (as new versions may have improvements), and reaggregation of assets (because new versions have asset aggregation improvements).

sync is driven by what’s on your filesystem: it’s to import new or updated files. It assumes asset aggregation is already correct (so it can be a lot faster than rebuild).

I ran “manual” sync. No errors, couple warnings and the file showed up in PS. But just that file. No other videos are present. Then I ran sync to the folder where this and other videos sit - no new videos popped in… :frowning: And I noticed PS was doing sync for more than this folder in the command /path/to/the/dir.


After sync complete I see bunch of videos showed up. Spot checked few and it seems all is nifty.

Thanks for the help!


I found out earlier today that the cache directory cleanup script could sometimes fight with the longer-running image extraction or transcode tasks, which could result in some videos not getting imported.

I’ve rewritten the cleanup method and imgcache prep functions to play nicely with each other: this is in beta.10 (due in a couple days).


“longer-running image extraction or transcoding tasks” would not be an issue for all videos not being scanned… Let’s see how .10 behaves. I will try it with default hwaccl settings and will re-import all my assets. Fun times! :slight_smile: