Node.js server remote access

So I am using a windows server 2022 guest running on hyper-v for photostructure testing and I am having some issues trying to access the app from other machines in my network. I have set exposeNetworkWithoutAuth to true and have create an exception for the server’s firewall for port 1787 and I am not able to connect. Any thoughts or idea’s on where I should start to look for troubleshooting?

Howdy, and welcome to PhotoStructure, @mtgranito !

Windows Firewall can certainly be persnickety. You should be granting node.exe the ability to open the network port.

Note that PhotoStructure changes its process name at startup to “PhotoStructure” (and, specifically, the web process to “PhotoStructure web”), which Windows Firewall should be ignoring, (but if prior pain from java-powered minecraft is any indication, we may be suffering from that).

The other issue may be due to your router: I’ve seen automatic firmware updates that dropped my static MAC->IP configurations, and my server reverted to a non-static DHCP address.

Just to reduce the number of moving parts, know that you can spin up the webservice all by itself with ./ web --expose --verbose.

Know that the next version will give a bit more debugging information: here’s the output from v2.1-alpha.1 (which I’m going to release soon):

./ web --expose
Your library is at <file:///home/mrm/pstmp>
PhotoStructure is ready:

  - <>
  - <>
  - <http://speedy:1787>

I using DHCP reservations for workloads that need a static IP which seems to be working as expected. I try giving Node.exe access to the port but I would have assumed just letting open the port would have been enough. I’ll let you know how it turns out after testing.