Notification list

The “toast” notifications introduced in 2.0.0alpha are great, however they’re easy to miss (i.e. not looking at the screen) and also hard to capture (I had several error messages popup, but could not cut and paste and/or screenshot before they went away).

So, this brings me to a new feature request.

In addition to the toast itself, these messages should populate a “notification” list. This could be an icon on the title bar you click to view notifications (a la Windows 10/11), or buried in the left menu is fine too. I don’t have a need to track read/unread or delete/dismiss capabilities, however those are pretty standard capabilities for notifications lists.

Interesting idea!

Note that some toasts come from the client, and some are generated server-side, so it’d be expected to have different notifications show on different browsers. That might be confusing.

The content of the toast itself may also be confusing: pointing to assets that have been deleted, for example.

I had a toast showing some failure trying to rotate a picture. I was trying to capture the wording to attach to a bug here, but there was no way to cut and paste it. The same error is probably in the logs and I can get it from there, but I just thought if you’re gonna bother sending toasts to the web UI about it, this probably should be a persistent list not something that goes away.

One thing to know: toasts have a dismiss timer of 10 seconds, and that timer pauses if you mouse over the toast.

I just made toasts write to the javascript console (shift-ctrl-i to see) as a quick hack.