Open asset in external application

It’d be nice if, when browsing locally, PhotoStructure could support opening an asset with an external application.

PhotoStructure could then add the file to a “watch for changes” list, so updates would be sync’ed up with your library automatically.

PhotoStructure could have a default set of paths to look for applications, and those paths could be adjusted via a setting, but what apps would people want as a reasonable default?

(Please reply with the name of the application, the relevant platforms for that application, and for each platform, what path PhotoStructure should look at).

You probably are aware, but there are some various cross platform libraries to help with this… just a quick search found this one:

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Thanks! open seems to only support Chrome and Firefox out of the box, so I’ll still need to do a bit of work.

And while I’m giving you random things to read:




Apologies if you already know all this :slight_smile:

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@bdillahu you are now the First Appointed Member of PhotoStructure’s International Internet Research Division.

Good news: you get a free lab coat.

Bad news: to save in shipping and handling, it comes delivered as a PNG:

I’ll wear it with pride!

Seriously, I love to do research and dabble, so if there’s something you want to hand off for me to dig into a bit, pass it over and I’ll see what I can whip up.

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This is a very needed feature! PhotoStructure looks great, but unfortunately I will not have much use of it until I can open a photo in an external application (a photo editor, like Capture One).

In case you missed it, you can open the asset info panel, tap the ellipses, and choose “open file in folder,” and then right-click the file and open with the desired app.

(It’s the workaround I currently use for my own library)

On Windows 10 to view a file and do simple edits, I use IrfanView


Yup, I’ve noticed it, though on my computer it always takes me to the ‘Documents’ folder, not to the actual folder of the photo.

Is the “open file in folder” option not available in the docker version? When I go to this area all I see are download options.

Apologies: that’s a bug. Can you DM or email me your OS, the version of PhotoStructure you’re running, and the path to the file that you’re trying to open?

Sadly, no: “open in folder” is only available on PhotoStructure for Desktops and PhotoStructure for Node, as it needs access to the host filesystem: there isn’t a way (that I know of) that will let PhotoStructure query bind mounts and tell docker to open a directory with Finder/Gnome Files/Explorer…

Any path, really. But one of them, for example, was “D:\Users\Karol\Pictures\Camera Roll\2021\05\IMG_3278.DNG”. The version of PhotoStructure is the last version available from the website, running on Windows 10 2004.

Ah, can you try the beta build? I believe I’ve fixed this issue (back in alpha.1):

:bug: “Open file in folder” on Windows could fail if the path had whitespace.

On the docker issue - totally understand why that couldn’t work the same was as a desktop app. But can we brainstorm an alternative? Most people running this app on NAS likely have the same folders exposed through SMB. Could some sort of mapping be stored in some settings file that the container’s /GooglePhoto is smb://nas/GooglePhoto?