Partial file import

So I have set up PS to import my legacy photo collection (/mnt/photos). It should have 55,531 items imported, but only about 41,000 showed up after the initial scan.

I then tried to add my “incoming” folder (/mnt/photos_incoming) using auto organize. This folder has 93GB of photos/videos. Some are likely to already be in the legacy collection. When I first ran a sync, it only put a small number of photos were copied to the chronological photostructure library folders. A second scan/sync caught a lot more, but only about 17MB.

How can I find our what photos were/were not imported?

I am running v1.1.0 on Raspberry Pi.

I tried running “./photostructure list” but am getting:

Failed: SqliteError: code SQLITE_CANTOPEN: unable to open database file
SqliteError: unable to open database file
at new Database (/home/photostructure/photostructure-for-servers/node_modules/better-sqlite3/lib/database.js:51:26)
at /home/photostructure/photostructure-for-servers/bin/list.js:9:695614

(Can I run the command line commands in one terminal window while running the main web service in another?)

Thanks in advance.