Photo dir must be writable?

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Just found out about this app and it looks interesting! One thing I noticed is I have my photos on a read only drive and PhotoStructure wanted it to be writable.

This is easy to set up:

  1. On your settings’ Your PhotoStructure library section, point to a directory on a separate read-write volume (either local disk or remotely-mounted file share).

  2. In the Where else are your photos and videos? section, point to your read-only only volume with your photos. (You can search the documentation for “scan paths” more more details).

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I’m not sure what it would need to write to when scanning my images but if it’s possible It would be nice to keep any of the apps data out of my photo data.

PhotoStructure does require some storage to build previews and transcoded videos, but this can be a different volume from your original files.

It will also try to write to sidecars next to all your image variations when you edit assets within PhotoStructure’s UI (so when you rotate an image, for example, it will add or edit a .XMP sidecar with a new orientation value.)

If PhotoStructure can’t write the sidecar, it just logs the error and continues: it should be totally fine with read-only scan path volumes.

Thanks, I dont think I saw this on the initial setup screen (i could have missed it) - I added the RO volume now after but it doesn’t seem to be scanning it. Is there a way to see logs of what it’s attempting to do or if it’s getting an error?

PhotoStructure’s logging is pretty quiet by default, but you can set the environment variable PS_LOG_LEVEL=info (or even debug) and then use logtail to watch them go by.

More details:

PhotoStructure | What are in my logs and error reports? (discusses logging as well as error reports)

Got it - I’m on MacOS and it was a permissions issue - the app needed permission to read a network volume - when I started it up via the cli it did prompt me - but in the app it did not.

Oof, sorry about that. macOS read permissions are a bear to get right. I’ll poke at that a bit more today and see if I can make that more reliable from my end.

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