Photo Rotation and updating only possible using dropdown rotation and Re-Sync Asset

Using the Graphic Rotation Button and Re-Sync Asset does not work (or reliably does not work). To reliably rotate photos and Re-Sync to the new position, I must use dropdown selections. I would think using the rotate button or dropdown rotation to be the same. I am using Version 1.1.0 PS for Desktops (latest channel).

Ideally, I would like to L90, R90, 180, and Re-Sync Asset Button vs. dropdown.
Additionally, multi-selection capability in Home window for the same selection Re-Sync Modified Asset(s) button.

Thanks for taking the time to post this, @SamuelT2

I may be misreading your feedback, but just to be sure: are you saying the icon in the header to rotate doesn’t work, but the menu option to rotate does work?

I hadn’t including all rotation options as you can just bang on the “r” key until the orientation is correct. PhotoStructure only “saves” the change after you navigate to another asset, or don’t do anything for 7 seconds.

What OS are you on?


I am using Windows 10.

I did not know about the wait 7sec after rotation for autosave. I just forced an asset re-sync and moved on to the next photo.

I will test again to see if the issue is consistent after 7 sec.


Note that you don’t have to wait for your changes to save–if you navigate to a different asset or to the parent tag, it will immediately try to save your pending changes as well. The changes should be saved in the background, and if there are any issues with storing the new rotation value and rebuilding previews, you should see a “toast” (in v2.1 and later) that explains what went wrong.

Do I have to wait for the 2.1 release or is that functionality in 1.1.0 for Windows 10 ?

v1.1 has the save-on-navigation code, but rotation wasn’t always reliably set due to a bug. Rotation should be more reliable in the v2.1 builds.