Photos are being imported even though .NoMedia file is in folder

I’m testing out (free) PhotoStructure to see if I want to adopt it. I have a .NoMedia file in my ~/Pictures directory, and my ~/Pictures directory is NOT in my list of folders to be scanned (though it is where my library lives). Nevertheless, PhotoStructure keeps syncing that folder, even when I resync, or completely shut down and start up again. I thought .NoMedia was supposed to make that folder and its subfolders blocked from scanning. What am I doing wrong?

I only added the .NoMedia file after it started syncing the ~/Pictures directory, but I wasn’t expecting it to do that to begin with since it wasn’t in my scan list. So that’s another thing I’m confused about. (But again, I shutdown & restarted, plus resynced, and it still insists on scanning the supposedly blocked directory.)

Howdy @tmintz , apologies for the glitch!

What OS are you using, and what version and edition of PhotoStructure are you using?

Hi. Sorry for the incomplete info. I’m running PS 1.1.0, and macOS Ventura.

I am pretty sure that there were fixes to .nomedia in more recent releases, so it could be that this is one of those bugs. Unfortunately, there have been problems pushing out both Mac and Windows desktop builds.

So, if you want to get on a beta version, you’ll have to go the Node route. Instructions for that are here: PhotoStructure | PhotoStructure for Node

@mrm has been working on getting the desktop versions fixed up and released, so that’s coming next, and hopefully soon!

Ah, good to know. I’ll consider this. Thanks!