Photostructure behind apache reverse proxy on Unraid

Okay, so i’ve successfully used reverse proxy on my apache box (ubuntu 20.04) to connect to VM’s running on my Unraid server, but I’ve not had any luck connecting to any of the docker containers installed on the Unraid host…one of them being Photostructure.

I suspect there’s something preventing me from reverse proxying to the unraid host because it happens on all of the containers despite all of the WebUI’s working correctly.

Does anyone have any experience with this?

DNS resolves to my static IP. Ports 80 and 443 forward to Apache on Ubuntu, Apache handles reverse proxy to other internal hosts…


If this Apache reverse proxy is working with your VMs but not your containers, then I suspect there’s something wrong in your Apache configuration for the docker sites. I use NGINX myself (via the SWAG container from linuxserver), and it works beautifully, so it’s definitely not a limitation of Unraid.

Can you perhaps share your config for Photostructure in Apache and maybe we can figure out what’s wrong?