PhotoStructure fails to open (stuck on splash screen)


I’m on v1.0.0-beta.9 and I’ve had this behaviour for a while now; when I start up PhotoStructure for the first time since booting the computer it won’t open - it just sits on the SplashScreen, cloud animation still running, saying “Loading your library…”. If I click on the splash screen (windows shows the circle “working” cursor) then Windows prompts me to shut the unresponding program. After this, opening PhotoStructure would mean it would open without problem.

Until today…

Now it still is stuck on the splash screen, even after going through this one time shut down routine. Unfortunately no log has been written in the logs folder today, so I can’t really say what’s going on - how can I help?

I’m on Win10 20H2



Sorry that PhotoStructure isn’t behaving!

In the future, please don’t be shy about reporting stuff: I can’t fix what I don’t know about!

I’ll think about how we can debug this while I go get some coffee.

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Sorry - this was silly of me - I thought it was linked to the fact my old external hard drive was really slow (I didn’t realise this and thought it was PS, but it was the drive - new drive now purchased and it made library build/sync much, much faster). But this problem persists, and the fact it was only on some starts and not others, and the fact I left PS on for a long time made me think “oh, this must have been fixed in the new beta” because by chance I’d not see it the next time I started. But now I’ve spotted the pattern, and if I keep trying it does start up, but as I say, it’s not automatically the next time now.

Really will do anything to help!


YUP. The number of times I’ve thought I’ve seen an issue, and then didn’t see it anymore, not realizing it sporadic, is decidedly larger than 1.


Can you set your environment variable PS_LOG_LEVEL to debug and try again to start PhotoStructure?

Alternatively, you can open a terminal and start it “by hand” instead of double-clicking the icon (and add the “–verbose” switch):

'c:\Program Files\PhotoStructure\PhotoStructure.exe' --verbose

Cheers - logs e-mailed.

I ran it after a reboot (rebooting seems to normally set up the conditions for PS to fail to start and left it running a few minutes on the splash screen, animation frozen, and then clicked on the window to make Windows present the unresponsive program dialogue box (see below)

Thanks for the logs.

The last log messages are the database reporting that all the pending migrations have been applied…

and then nothing… :zipper_mouth_face:

What antivirus software is running on your windows box? PhotoStructure should play nicely with Windows Defender, but several users have reported issues with other software packages.

I’m just using the built in Windows defender protection.

OK, I’ll think about how we can debug this further…