Photostructure keeps NAS awake

Hi there, it seems that with Photostructure I finally found the solution for storing my photo’s on my NAS in just the way I want. A huge thank you for that!

I use the dockerized version on my Synology DS218+. I have a fairly small library of around 10,000 pics, which PS happily indexed in a few hours’ time. Since that time I added nothing. Still my NAS stays active. When I look in top I see “photostructure sync” taking up almost 10% of my CPU. Moreover, the (spinning) disks are noisy, which is a nuisance since the NAS sits next to my work desk.

Any explanation and/or tips? Thanks!

The yet to be released v2.1.0-alpha.8 has a fix which should help with this. Don’t ask when this will be released, it’s been “soon” for months now… Only @mrm knows :slight_smile:

PhotoStructure can now allow drives to go to sleep. It should “just work,” but to set volumeMetadataTtlMs=0 and mountpointsTtlMs=0 to force this behavior on platforms that don’t have mountpoint-change-watcher functionality. mountpointsTtlMs defaults to 0 on docker now, btw.

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That sounds promising, thanks!

I don’t even think he knows! :rofl:

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