PhotoStructure with Podman

I switched to Fedora Silverblue a couple of monthes ago and while AppImage worked, I sometimes had issues with SELinux and it was not very convinient for me, so I managed to run PhotoStructure with built-in Podman, which is rootless and daemonless Docker alternative, but I did it ‘wrong’ way. Recently I decided to read some docs about quadlet containers and managed to do it ‘correct’ way, with systemd services, so my containers could auto-update themselfes and start with boot.

  1. Run podman container with this template (edit mounts and volumes pathes):
podman run \
 --detach \
 --label "io.containers.autoupdate=registry" \
 --name myphotostructure \
 --publish 1787:1787/tcp \
 -e PUID="1000" \
 -e PGID="1000" \
 --user $(id -u):$(id -g) \
 --volume /run/media/xx7/EXT4/PhotoStructure:/ps/library:z \
 --volume /run/media/xx7/EXT4/PhotoStructure/tmp:/ps/tmp:z \
 --volume /run/media/xx7/EXT4/PhotoStructure/logs:/ps/logs:z \
 --volume /run/media/xx7/EXT4/PhotoStructure/config:/ps/config:z \
 --mount type=bind,source=/run/media/xx7/EXT4/YandexDisk,destination=/YandexDisk,ro=true,relabel=shared \
 --mount type=bind,source=/run/media/xx7/EXT4/Dropbox/Videos,destination=/Dropbox,ro=true,relabel=shared \
 --mount type=bind,source=/run/media/xx7/EXT4/Takeout,destination=/Takeout,ro=true,relabel=shared \
  1. Generate systemd service and make some usefull preparations:
cd ~/.config/systemd/user
podman generate systemd -f --new --name myphotostructure
systemctl --user daemon-reload
loginctl enable-linger
systemctl --user enable --now podman-auto-update.service
systemctl --user enable podman-restart.service

Now we have container-myphotostructure.service file, which could be edited in text editor if needed to change mounts or settings (like autostart from on-failure to always), than systemctl --user daemon-reload again to reload it.

  1. Now we just enable the service and PhotoStructure is running now, it should start after booting the system, if not stopped before.

systemctl --user enable container-myphotostructure.service

We can replace enable with disable to disable it completly, or start or stop to start or shutdown it and is-active to check the status.

I use Guillotine extension to make services switches to start/stop them:


The configuration is like this:

            "type": "switch",
            "title": "PhotoStructure",
            "start": "systemctl --user start container-myphotostructure.service",
            "stop": "systemctl --user stop container-myphotostructure.service",
            "check": "systemctl --user is-active container-myphotostructure.service",
            "icon": "emblem-photos-symbolic",
            "interval_s": 30

I hope it could help Fedora or SELinux users.


NICE! Thanks for taking the time to write this up! I’ll link to it from the docker instructions now.