PikaPods easy deployment

I know how to run servers and run several myself. That said, I’ve been poking around with PikaPods and have found it to be a very good solution for deploying self-hosted software. They have PhotoPrism support and I was able to spin up an instance very quickly and easily.

Up until now I’ve been running Photostructure locally but after seeing what a remote hosted Photoprism instance is like for family sharing I’d really like to run Photostructure on a VPS. Before diving in and setting up a new Ubuntu VPS I thought I’d ask whether you might consider working with the PikaPods folks to make Photostructure available for deployment there. I think it could also help with Photostructure discoverability as they don’t have all that many services yet.

Thanks for the suggestion!

PikaPods looks like it only accepts open source projects. PhotoStructure is not open source.

Oh, sorry for not having noticed that myself. Thank you for looking into it nonetheless!