Planned Release Cycle

Hey, just signed up in the hope that this becomes the next big thing!

what is your planned release cycle?



Last year I was able to push out new releases every couple months or so.

Version 1.0.0 has been baking for a while now, and the current alpha seems like it doesn’t have any show-stoppers, so the next build may graduate to beta, and after a couple days, I’ll finally release v1.0.0 stable.

Version 1.0.0 is a beast of an update:

  • almost every single moving piece that PhotoStructure relies on has been upgraded or changed, and required internal code changes to accomodate (like electron, the docker base image, HEIC rendering, custom UID/GID docker support, RAW decoding, …)
  • privacy-friendly, transparent and portable licensing that doesn’t “phone home” except once when trials end or subscriptions renew (and even that can be disabled, in the interests of privacy)
  • search required a new FTS index and query grammar/parser

Once v1.0.0 is released, I expect a much more frequent cadence of releases (more like last year, and hopefully more often).

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Awesome - i love new releases :slight_smile: on the assumption they dont break anything!

At it’s current level of maturity, the speed of new features is going to be very exciting :smiley: