Potential self hosted partner: Kubesail + pibox

Hi Photo Structure

I thought you might find this company interesting and useful if you haven’t heard of them:

If I understand correctly, they are creating a hardware (pibox) and software (kubesail) may help solve some parts self-hosting that many find difficult (tunnelling / proxying, custom domains, ddns etc), particularly for those that would like remote access.

I’m in the UK so I’m waiting to see how they get on in the USA, but I thought the project is compelling. I think always on access is expected nowadays, because most people are used to google photos and the like, and this might help deliver that (?).

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Thanks for the suggestion!

I actually backed their kickstarter, talked with their founders, and they should be sending me hardware soon to do testing (and probably performance profiling adjustments) to make PhotoStructure run smoother on that hardware. I hope to get on their home page of “recommended apps” soon!

Brilliant I’m glad to hear it.