Problem copying media to PhotoLibrary

Hi, I have enabled the feature “Copy my photos and videos into my PhotoStructure Library”. But as far as I can tell, only part of the videos and few photos were copied. I have tried to force reload and restart sync, but nothing happened. Both organizing and building library tasks shows “Synced”. My photo and videos takes about 600GB, and the library hard drive has over 5TB free space, so it shouldn’t be the issue with the hard drive. Any suggestion what should I do next?

  • Windows 11 x64 22H2 22621.1105
  • Photo Structure for Desktops (latest channel) V1.1.0

Welcome to PhotoStructure @dlsxhm !

The problem you’re seeing (trying to determine wth happened with sync) is a common one–so much so, that I wrote a new “sync report” feature in version 2.1 (currently in alpha) to help people figure out what made it in, and what didn’t.

This article should help describe the issue and some resolutions:

Thanks for your solution! I have changed the value of maxAssetFileSizeBytes and rebuilding the library, hopefully most of the media will be included in the Library. But I was still quite confuse about the HEIC images. I have manually installed heif-convert on my Windows 11 and a green check mark shows for HEIF support. Does it means the PhotoStructure will automatically convert my HEIC photo into jpg and save it to the Library? Is there any difference on HEIC support between V1.1.0 desktop version and V1.1.0 Server for Node? Much appreciated!

When PhotoStructure imports photos and videos, it creates thumbnails for your browser. All thumbnails are encoded as JPEG.

If you selected “yes” to " May PhotoStructure organize your photos and videos?" in the settings page, know that PhotoStructure copies your original files, exactly, into your library. More details about automatic organization are here:

You can download the original file, as well as a full-sized (and reduced size) converted JPEG files by clicking the “i” in the asset header, and clicking the ellipses by the path name.

No. The asset importing process is identical between all editions of PhotoStructure. More details about this are here: