Progress panels can "disappear" while processing is still taking place


The progress panels that show during a sync can disappear and reappear while sync is still running.

The server-side event stream should not close the progress panels unless sync has completed.

(both @mnaoumov and @whoopn have been impacted by this)

Do you assign severity to bugs for PS?

If so this is like a 3, I would dearly like it fixed but other bugs are probably more impacting to users.

That said, thank you for putting this on the bug list!

Not externally, but that’s a good idea. Via tags perhaps? Discourse isn’t really a bug tracker…

I think tags would get the job done for a while.

Since you can reassign tags it would be simple and filterable to show them. I guess you could also use github or something.

I’ve also been seeing this issue, so I had a quick look at the event stream. Between the expected messages with the current state, at seemingly random intervals, there are messages where the states array is simply empty ({"states":[]}). These messages cause the progress panel to be removed when received.

A quick fix might be to discard messages with an empty state on the clientside, even if you’ll probably want to figure out the root cause on the serverside later on.