Progressive Web App

I’ve searched but not found any feature request regarding PWA (Progressive Web Apps). Is this something that you have considered? I have no clue how much work is needed to support that but it would be sweet to have Photostructure appear as a native app even when running in server mode (I’m running node).

Absolutely! Having a native-app-like experience (especially on mobile) would be great. I’ve already added a manifest, but supporting async notifications would enable a lot of interesting features (like “on this day” sorts of things, and “finished importing 32 new files from …”)

The current UI isn’t friendly to disconnected access, though, as we’d need to basically shove the library database and most of the previews up to the client, and then let it run the queries.

I know it’s not the same as full PWA, however you can add photostructure to your home screen on iphone and essentially be unaware it’s a web page at all. All the navigation works. The only minor issue is that there is no back button on the “about” screen back to the main page, however you can get back through gestures so no big deal.

Yeah, I do that on iPhone, however this would also allow you to use it as a native app i windows :slight_smile:

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Ah ok, I wasn’t actually aware of the windows feature. Now that you mentioned it, I want this as well!