PS does not detect MP4 video files

I’m a beginner but I’m pretty sure I installed all the software correctly, however PS doesn’t detect MP4 video files!
VLC works fine and I am able to open MP4 files stored in the same folder with all pictures detected by PS…
LOG does not detect any type of problem…
What can I do?
Many thanks in advance,

Welcome to PhotoStructure @Cristiano_Magnani ! I’m the author.

What antivirus are you using? Unfortunately, I can only support Microsoft Windows Defender: see this for more details.

A big update is coming which includes two things that should make debugging this issue much easier: “health checks,” one of which verifies that ffmpeg is behaving as expected and is a supported version, as well as “sync reports”, which will tell us exactly why a given file is not being imported.

Hi Matthew,

many, many thanks for your reply!

You’re right, my request was lacking in information…
I installed PS on a standalone PC with Win10.
I applied your instructions, then removed VLC and installed ffmpeg+heic via Cygwin.
Unfortunately I still have the same problem: NO videos discovered!
I also checked the log files, but it seems like video files don’t exist for PS (but believe me, they do!)
The source folder is a network share (QNAP NAS) with all necessary permissions (RO/RW)

What can I do now?

Many thanks in advance and…GREAT WORK!!

what version and edition of photostructure are you running. Look on the “about” screen, it should look something like this:

Version 2023.9.0-prealpha.17
Edition PhotoStructure for Servers


Version 1.1.0
Edition PhotoStructure for Desktops (latest channel)
Plan plus
OS Windows 10 (10.0.19045) on x64
PowerShell 5.1.19041
Electron 13.1.9

OK I updated PS to the version you told me.
Now I’ll try to see if everything works well…