PS does not sync new assets anymore

Hello and Happy New year!

I keep seeing very unstable sync recently (2.0.0-beta.1 on Ubuntu 20 Node). Here are few scenarios in which PhotoStructure is failing to work for me.

  1. Add few new assets to one of Library folders and wait day or two. Expected: new assets showed up in Library. Actual: no new assets are synced and visible.
  2. Do “Restart Sync” from UI. Same outcome as in 1.
  3. Do “Rebuild (slow)” from UI. Confirm intent in the next dialog. Same outcome as in 1 and no progress bar indicator which I used to see previously.
  4. Shutdown and startup PS. No new assets are synced.

The only option that work ./photostructure sync /path/to/directory /path/to-my-assets-dir/, but it was super slow to even return to the prompt and not really “wife’s friendly”.

I really don’t want to do nuclear option of uninstalling PS and going back to Picasa or iPhoto… (just kidding!). Any ideas or bug fix for this in works?


Oof, apologies! I don’t recommend using 2.0.0-alpha or 2.0.0-beta builds: there are several issues that I’ve fixed in v2.1:

The linux test suite is now passing (finally), and I’ve got ~200 files to commit, and then I can cut an alpha build.

For fun, here’s a graph of how many changes were made from v2.0 to v2.1 (TL:DR; it’s a bunch):

Thanks Matthew,

I don’t mind trying unstable versions to find issues, and thanks for fixing many bugs in the next release. I guess the proper link for 2.1 is this: PhotoStructure | 2022 PhotoStructure release notes


Good catch: I just added a link on the 2021 page.