PS for Servers: Connection Error while opening Hierachie with just one Sub

I’m new here and using Photostructure for a couple of days now.
I do use PS 1.1 for servers for Node on a Ubuntu local Server. I did sync my existing photos after tagging them with some EXIF- und IPTC-Informations corresponding to the “HierachicalStructure” introduction.

For example, I tagged all our Holiday pictures with IPTC Tag “HierachicalSubject” according to the Format


PS do import the Tags correctly and is creating the HierachicalStructure. But if I do navigate through the Structure on the Web Interface with some Client and come to an Point where the Structure has only one further Sub I do get an Server Connection Error.

If there are at least 2 Subs, everything works as expected.

Example given:


Doesn’t work:

May this is a Bug!?

Background Information: In order to use my own local Domäne, I do use NGINX as a reverse Proxy to local IP The “exposeNetwork” Setting is disabled.

Hope this could be solved as it is not a solution to travel each country at least twice :wink:

Welcome to PhotoStructure, @Horst ! Thanks for the report.

I’ll try to reproduce the issue on a test library and see what’s going on.

If you want to set your logging level to info or warn, I suspect the web process is throwing an error that might help.

I mean, aren’t there at least a couple good cities to visit in every country? This might be an expensive bugfix, but it would be the most fun. :wink:

Dear mrm,
thanks for your response! I checked the Logfile of the web-process right after requesting a structure which causes the mentioned issue. I just have (a lot of) logs like this:


The loglevel was set to “warn” during this.


Sorry, that log entry shouldn’t have been warn: it’s an expected action. This will be fixed in the next release.