PS is not syncing or finding photos

I have tried multiple times to sync my photo library, but many photos are missing from Photoshelter. The latest photos showing are from November 2021, and the “When” for 2021 states 274 assets when I know that there are at least 1800 photos in the Pictures folder for 2021. There are no photos from 2022, even though there are at least 200 in the Pictures folder. I rebuilt the library last week, with no change.
At the most basic issue: when I click “restart sync” nothing apparently happens, except that the fan runs on and off.

Photostructure 1.1.0
iMac 27-inch, 2017
Monterey 12.1

Apologies @cwarnercarey ! I believe I’ve fixed syncing (really!) in the next release, and I’m trying to get an alpha build with the fix out as soon as I can.

Would you have a rough ETA for the next release. If not, no problem, but I’m trying to decide whether to continue my sync or defer until then, thanks.

I’m hoping to release the alpha soon (like in a couple days).

There are a ton of changes in this release, though, so I’m expecting I’ll need to do a couple alpha (and at least one beta) release over the course of several days before v2.1 stable is released.

Thanks for your reply, looking forward to checking out the latest and greatest.