PWA compatibility [Solved]

Is it possible to make the web interface more mobile friendly? PWA compatibility could fill the gap in mobile app support and allow an “app icon” on mobile devices while removing the normal browser borders, toolbars, etc.

I’ve added Chrome and Safari PWA manifests already: if you add the library to your home page, it should render in both Chrome and Safari in a full screen (without a URL and navigation bar).

What browser and device are you using?

I’m using safari on an iPhone 13 Pro. Thanks for the quick reply! I found how to add it to my Home Screen! I’ve only ever used a PWA one other time and it asked me if I wanted to add to the Home Screen and I said yes. I’m silly for thinking all PWA worked that way and it was plenty easy to do it myself.

This thread is Solved!

Ah, good point, I’ll keep this open to add a prompt. Thanks for the suggestion :+1: