Random slideshow mode

I’d like to let photostructure somehow cycle through photos automatically, to increase serendipity of re-discovering my photos. It doesn’t need to be full screen.


Every page (tag and asset views) has a “context” that a slideshow could sample from.

A feature like this, similar to iPhoto’s “For You” album, would be great! My wife is hesitant with transferring everybody to synology because she loves the daily selection of photos from her iCloud.


I’ll check out the “For You” feature, thanks for the tip!

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Since you haven’t tried it, you may not know that Photostructure already does show you a random sample of images. There’s no slideshow, but each Stream shows about 100 random photos from within that Stream, and these 100 photos change each time the Stream is reloaded. This is one of my favorite parts about Photostructure, as I find myself regularly rediscovering photos that I had forgotten about.


In addition to “random” slideshow mode, I would like to request normal slideshow mode. Similar to how Plex implements slideshows - you can either press “play” to start a sequential slideshow, or you can press “shuffle” to do a slideshow of random pictures.